Monday, May 4, 2009

Have I decided on a winner yet?

This is the most common question I am getting at the moment. This and two others, how did the duathlon go and how is your body feeling, lol.

Well, the duathlon was amazing!!!! I felt great after completing it, crossing the finish line was huge!!!!!! I am so addicted to the amazing feeling of achievement I get after completing a duathlon. I recommend doing at least one in your lifetime!!! Trust me, as you cross the finish line you will thank me. I cannot wait to do another! Looking at some runs as well. Fritz has league and touch I have duathlons!!!!!!!!

My fine today! My back is sore but that was the case before the duathlon. However, I am not looking forward to tomorrow! First time round it was the Tuesday that the pain really came. I can't believe that my legs are fine today though. Although I felt way better during the duathlon this time. I must've been better, cut almost 5 min off my time. From 1.20.39 to 1.15.49 wow, with no training. Wonder how much I can cut off with a lil training!?!? Will have to wait and see.

Finally, yes I have made a decision on the name!! I would like to thank EVERYONE who entered!!! I really appreciate the time you all took to enter my competition. It was so much fun reading all the submissions! There were so many great ideas and it was really really hard to decide.

Unfortunately, you will have to come back later tonight to find out the winner. SORRY lol

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